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Good morning,Good afternoon, Good night it is a new day, a new blessing of life.  Do you know how blessed you are to have life. Thanks for visiting my site, i am sure your not here by mistake to take the liberty and read, and fill your heart with God loves though me, because i am only a vessel.


I hope these pages, give not only a smile, but hope, victory that God loves, Jesus loves.     

About Me: All the way from VI Islands St.Thomas,  I come to NJ to live, enduring the cold, lol, i miss home  I loved people, my family, my kids, I love the Lord, for He has blessed me, so much, but I also like how He blessed others also I have spoke to or come into contact with. I love my church HOMECC, Pastor Germain and his beloved first lady Mollie Germain, and of our course Minister Tracey Boston.



Favorite Music: I just love music. CE CE Winans and Fred Hammond is one my favorite.

Pastimes: Spending time with my family, talking to others about God. Having fun with my loving friends.

My favorite links:
Google - Search, email and more. - Free online Poetry publisher. - Small business sites for just $4.96 monthly

with free domain name

News:  Just Got this site so check back in the future. for now, u can look at my other site. 


Thank You For Visiting!

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