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This site is dedicated to my sweetheart ill always love you..


I hope these pages make you smile, reminisce, and perhaps even brighten your day.     and to anyone that loves to read poetry

About Me:  ii'm from manitoba, canada my heart is in the usa...asyou can tell by some of my poems..i love to write its always been my gift to put words on paperi've been writing poetrysince i was 11 years old.i alsowrite somesong lyricks andlike to sing...im a laid back kinda person i dont plan mydays live by the moment i guess you could say even thou my life is kinda dull at the moment..my sweetheart is always there to brighten up my day i i love to laugh and be silly just part of my personality my dream in life is to getout of this placei liveand spend my life with my love....

Favorite Music: i listen to alot of different music i dont really have a favorite

like classic rock, pop, dance hip hop r&b...for example one thing i dont like is country music some is kinda ok i love mariah carey that girl can sing i use to sing along to her songs  when i was growing up.. 

Pastimes: writing poetry, Spending time with my family, talking to tom or  textn listening to music chatting to friends and surfing the web.. working in the yard and taking care my son 24/7

My favorite links:
Google - Search, email and more.
PoetryPoem.com - Free online Poetry publisher.
WeAt.com - Small business sites for just $4.96 monthly

with free domain name

http://www.myspace.com- world wide chat site(annie44poemsin blog)

http://www.inkednation.com- tattoo chat site

www.sympatico.msn.com- search freeemail and more

www.yahoo.ca- canadian yahoo search email and more


News:  We just started so check back often for changes.



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annie4 - Welcome to my poetry site of love

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