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This site is dedicated to my parme flower ewe eye just did a search for JESUS on my MAIN website and returned 166 poems from a list of only 989 more than TEN percent of 1000. JESUS is GOD.

voice charlax.mp3 <BGSOUND SRC="charlax.mp3" LOOP=0> C:UsersTriceFavoritescharlax.mp3 <BGSOUND SRC="C:UsersTriceFavoritescharlax.mp3" LOOP=O> I hope these pages make you smile     


About Me:  God is most important in my life, followed by my family.  I thank Him contantly for this great gift and pray that we all find joy and happiness in His glory.


Favorite Music: ROCK

Points to make:  Poetry to others about God, and making more poems.


My favorite links:
Google - Search, email and more. - Free online Poetry publisher.


News:  We just started so check back often for changes.




Thank You For Visiting!

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