Thoughts Upon Human Spirituality
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This site is dedicated to my family, everyone needy to be associated with life's simple joys and ethereal growth.


I hope these pages adds a little bit of learning and even brighten your day.     

About Me:  There's nothing much to be said about me but in this lifetime I am venturing the written literary world/s.


Favorite Music: 




Pastimes: Spending time with my family, writing and talking to others about commodities and graces in our existence. Other things that the eyes and mind can fathom to conceive.


My favorite links:  -

amateur poems of mine -

Thoughts Upon Human Spirituality -

A site of Poetry, Philosophy and The Academes of Life 

A Soliloquy(poetry) with the Universe at Nights

Study regarding the Structural Science of Literature

''The Kryptonian Physique of Literature'' -

A swaggered given vision about The Many Seals of The Heavens; or Riddles of The Seven Churches,

 of God and The Demanded Labors of God:

The Book of Job and The Book of Revelation

( watch our for updates > SEALS OF THE HEAVENS) - Small business sites for just $4.96 monthly

with free domain name  - a site of love poems - Short Poetry Facetiae





News:  The Good News...

In my NEW VENTURE hope that my inquisitions upon knowledge be that qualified among the modern reasons of the men and women who in a way appreciates LITERATURE or so...




Home Page - Because I am brought up to be a Christian and it sounded like one, like a lyre and flute rendering along the pasteurlands of biblical Israel....

Blog's Music - I need psyching up, used to be a very active person and appreciating the degree of difficulty of the sound...

Context's Music- Reminiscing of the woman strutting in a horror/suspense movie.


Note: In to those email messages that I received, pls read my literary essays not only once but in some other times for answers regarding to your questions of Spirituality.


I might add a few articles basing from your Messages and from I what I read in MY FAITH SITE...


Dont hesitate to make any comments or sign my guess book... 





Thank You For Visiting!

machiavelli - Thoughts Upon Human Spirituality

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