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Welcome to my site.

About Me: I'm not a real person but a place holder to show what a page can look like.  If I were something other than a place holder, I would ask that you please take a few minutes to sign my guestbook or use my  contact  form to send a note.


Favorite Music: Pop, chimes and nature.

Pastimes: Spending time with my family, talking to others about God and Jesus, fishing, working in the yard, and scrap-booking.  

My favorite links:
CraftBug.comCrafts, craft projects and ideas. 
PoetryPoem.comPublish Your Poetry for free on your own free site. - Small business websites for just $4.96 monthly

News:  You can send me a note to using the "Contact" option.  We won't respond because this is only a sample site to give you an idea of what the site has to offer. 


Thank you for visiting!

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