In dreams, we walk



    In dreams we walk, dreams are interesting things and can provide deep insight at times. Of course at other times they can be random gibberish, but even the best of us degenerate into incoherence at times. 

    About Me:  I'll let you use your imagination here, mainly because that's likely to be far more interesting for you and it's good to keep an air of mystery don't you think? Also no description I can come up with would be truly accurate so I'll let you get to know me the old fashioned way, through listening to me waffle on and observing my behavior.


    Favorite Music: Rock & Metal. Chilled out, amped up? As long as it has good lyrics and/or is played well I don't particularly care. Right now I'm listening to Crowded House.

    Pastimes: Watching the world with different faces pressed against the glass (okay, so I'm something of a Nick Cave fan and couldn't resist the reference). Anything that fertilises the mind really.

    Favourite meal: Speckled-badger, you really ought to try it as is quiet delicious. Course it's hard to find good speckled-badger meat in the supermarket now-a-days, people don't seem to appreciate the wonder that is speckled badger anymore. A shame really, a real shame...


    My favorite links:
    YouTube - A whole world of videos from comedy to music.

    PoetryPoem.com - Free online Poetry publisher.
    Fanstory.com - Another online poetry site, it's not free but it's a great place to go for reviews and it's helped me improve my peoms


    News:  We just started so check back often for changes.

    Note: By we I mean 'me', and by me I mean someone else...



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