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Tonight a women is dying with dignity

Her living assured the Lord is waiting

Her concerns not for herself but for others

"Have my funeral on Saturday!"

It is the holidays--So busy the Jewelry business

on the holidays---My Sister can fly in on the weekend

That is when the shop has extra help

"Please tell the hairdresser I won't be in this week."

I have an appointment with my Dear Lord she said

She only sheds tears for her boys not her

She is comforted the Lord has always been by her side

Her heart barely pumping the time is up to her

She and the Lord will decide when to pull the life supports.

But when the time comes it will be with dignity.

God Bless you sweet lady--85 good years

Now on this night the Lord had come for you


The up side of this story. Went to the Hospital to visit and found the lady improved. Not ready to give up and waiting with the Lord for the proper time. But in good spirits and as said facing death with Dignity.  SADLY I HAVE REPORT LEE DID INDEED DIE. THREE DAYS AFTER THIS POEM WAS WRITTIN. HER HEART QUIT PUMPING ON HER TIME SCHEDULE. THE UPSIDE, THREE MORE DAYS WITH HER SONS. ONE DAY BEFORE THE LORD'S DAY AND HER SONS BIRTHDAY.