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 My Father my God

My Father my God, Lord I serve. Keep me happy and content that nothing disturbs me. How can this be possible? It is certainly something that is unbelievable. How can my mind be so silent and peaceful? What for that matter do others try to pry and destroy? It is not possible to destroy the best values and beliefs that a child learns and loves dearly.


My Father my God, Lord I serve. No more the repent or guilt or remorse. It is easy at first then becomes severely difficult to follow. The mind is silent on its own. Peace is everywhere and blind I am of the things around me. Do I notice traffic? Do I notice long check out lines? Do I notice someone else and their problems or suffering?


My Father my God, Lord I serve. The Mother of nature has departed I know. Where did she go and what precedes her? Is this something to benefit us? How will this earth survive us? It will. The earth is here forever and what takes effect is only for earths survival.


My Father my God, Lord I serve. My people are good. My people assist and gain. They know and understand needs of each and their own. The tyrants will always burden my people. My people are crippled, lame, and the poor and hungry. This will cease and good things will come. Only can good things come now. Shade the eyes and do not look and wait, good things will come I am certain.


Tyrants can not survive. Each one of them must lead and their can only be one who leads and if each tyrant must be that one, they most certainly will wipe themselves out for sure and not survive. The tyrants we do not look at and they do not require assistance in any form for any matter.


Peace by with you and yours,





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