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 My Only Suffer You

Love has simmered in the blood of my own. It has gained a twisted fate that was not owned by me. My ailing body survives it’s destruction. My heart will chill and the blood will cool. Time is a tool used to perform necessity.


Why on earth does no suffering account for peace? Why must those who perform painful useless efforts to destroy what is good exist? It is never to late for learning and correcting ones self.


Sadly help is not in the answer guide. Miserable they are. Only to lift with a smile and show support at each of their attempts in behaving appropriately. They know they have a choice, but they fear and rewards are not in their eye for gain. To wait for glory something that must be done by all. Else how would anyone know anything else and have experience of you and yours?


I know pain. I know it well and can see it when it is present. I also know somewhere on this planet someone is suffering ten fold my pain. I worry about that person or persons, for my pain in my life was unbearable and should not be known to man. So that other at ten fold, who is it and I feel sorry for.


My supporters I also know and know. They are an undying kind. The assistance I gather from supporters helps me to escalate in a mild fashion. I need support, and at every turn pain waits. I can’t begin to understand why pain is directed into my business. It is like a triumphant hark to hurt me.


Thank you Jesus,





My luck is what keeps me safe. I only hurt for small amounts of time, because I am a happy person, and it takes a lot to bring my down. I just wish it wasn’t every ones goal to conquer me. Lord Jesus keeps me on top of the world.


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