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On a bright Sunday morning I went to church,
The temple was empty, even after a search!
A glance at my watch assures I’m on time,
It’s nine o’clock I hear my watch chime.
Suddenly a thought flashes in my mind;
Jesus has come and left me behind!
As I swallow my heart, I try to speculate…
Oh no, No, NO, this can’t be my fate!
Promptly my eyes and ears are alert and acute;
The sounds of silence I can no longer dispute.
I think of how the world has changed;
God and humanity are so estranged…
Morals and values are the devil’s prey,
Today’s world is in malignant decay.
Our music is filled with filth and lies,
Movies so explicit all decency dies.
Everywhere I see hypocrisy and hate;
It just may very well be too late!
Then I wonder why ‘I’ am still here,
Judging  my own life, I shudder in fear.
In introspect, I’m completely consumed
Wondering now if I’m eternally doomed.
I saw their need and saw their dismay…
How many times had I turned away?
All the mean and vile things I had said
Flooded like Katrina back in my head.
As all my transgressions and sins wash over me,
I see my own hypocrisy, a loathsome psyche.
This revelation brought me to tears…
I had deceived myself all of those years.
I fell to my knees, my head bowed in shame…
If only I had walked right in Jesus’ name.
Sobs of degradation grip at my heart
God, if I could do it all over, make a new start…
Then a gentle touch startles me from mentation.
Looking up I see the whole congregation!
Wiping away my tears, I try to postulate,
Bewildered, confused, I ask why everyone’s late.
Pastor smiles and says, “Don’t you remember my dear?
Spring forward, Fall back, it’s that time of year!”
It’s all so clear now, I’ve been reprieved…
I thank the good Lord for this gift I’ve received!
A simple time change enlightened me…

Time for a change I embrace with glee!


By: ExRea

© 10/01/06