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Bonnie was a nurse aid & caregiver
Bonnie was a nurse aid & caregiver (2014)

Bonnie was a good "elephant" as we called her, she did the elephant trumpet to be funny!
Bonnie passed away February 20th, 2014 from "cancer", however was exposed to pesticides
& came down with congestive heart failure that led to the respiratory illness. We know she
was in good health, but the pesticides poisoned her, nobody knew much about it and they
just said she had cancer of the lung; everyone brushed off or dismissed the pesticide toxic
exposure, they don't have training in it, was too late all together.

We ate at Chinese buffets for almost 10 years, and she was a good Christian and family friend.
She was water baptized in Jesus' Name at an old-fashioned church in the country, Pentecostal and 
she was baptized by the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues, as the spirit led.

Bonnie worked for more than 15 years as a professional nurse aid and caregiver, helping the
elderly at nursing homes, group homes and home health care. Bonnie never complained about
anything, and mirrored Jesus' life of honesty, meekness and quiet love for everyone.

We had a world-wide prayer chain for Bonnie, and she survived pneumonia and congestive heart
failure, but only lived 54 days after entering the hospital emergency room. She had 4 hospital stays.
We ministered to her, day & night, and did the old-fashioned sick bed call of ministers.
Bonnie smiled, waved goodbye, and went to Heaven. 
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