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Kevin Rottweiler / animal poet

Noah Ark Animal Chaplain
Noah Helped the Animals
an animal chaplain he was
taping the broken wings of birds
a sip of water to a dehydrated bird
kissed by a Pit Bull
loving all the dogs
rubbing a menthol  rub
on sore hooves
or moistening the trunks of
wrinkled elephant skins
giving a kiss to an elephant
that grinned
and asked for a vanilla milkshake...
said, "can we stop at McDonalds?"
and even the doves got
a part of the action
carrying olive leaves
in their tired beaks
and Noah was an animal chaplain
blessing the animals
following God's commands
looking for love
looking for love
and Noah
helped the animals
and he shoveled tons of manure
not an easy task
for a man of his age
and the elephant asked,
"can we stop at McDonalds?"
and the winds came
the hurricane blister
the tornado rain
everyone was in pain
some went to sleep
some hibernated 
and sin would be gone now
the earth was cleansed by God
never again though
would there be loss of animal life
or human life
by a flood of this magnitude
and the rainbow came
God was at peace now
with His creation
Noah was an animal chaplain
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